V is for Victor
I finally got to meet my little bundle of joy, Victor, today. Theresa is one of my oldest and closest friends - we practically met in the womb. Both our mom’s knew each other back in the day and when we were five, we finally got to meet in India on my first day of pre-school, and we’ve been best friends since… the kind like Riding in Car with Boys - you know, where they plan on having kids at the same time so they can either marry or be best friends. Photobucket

Photobucket As you can tell by the photos of the beautiful baby boy, she’s just had a little babe of her own. She and her hubby were passing by Hong Kong for their visas so I was able to spend a gorgeous Sunday with both my best friend and the newest addition to our Mix clan. I couldn’t picture a better a way to spend the day and I can’t wait for Julia’s bun in the oven to finally arrive - she better be prepared to meet her crazy Aunt. Photobucket
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